Martin Tech can take the stress out of technology, offering the function of an IT department without the high overheads.

Online backup

Onlinebackup services are charged on size / per month basis.


5GB $33.00 – Recommended. This is usually sufficent for most practices

10GB $43.00

20GB $53.00

30GB $60.00

50GB $73.00

75GB $93.00

100GB $103.00



5GB $39.00 – Recommended. This is usually sufficent for most practices

10GB $49.00

20GB $59.00


Web Presence

The ‘Web Practice Pack’ is the standard package offered by Martin Technology.

For $31.80 per month you recieve

  • Your website setup on the Martin Technology network (just like the one you are looking at!)
  • eMail mailboxes setup
  • Your domain configured and registered (domain registration is an additional approx $38 for for 2 years)
  • Unlimited support in setting up your website and email access

Computer & server support

Reactive service rates are $75 per hour or part therof.

Proactive service rates are

  • Workstations $43.75 per month
  • Servers $62.50 per month

These are flat fees regardless of the hours of work performed in the month. Parts are charged seperately.