Specialists in Healthcare Information Technology

Martin Technology is Western Australia’s only comprehensive healthcare IT specialist providing a highly experienced and respected team, dedicated to actively working within both Public and Private healthcare sectors.

Owner, David Martin brings a wealth of IT knowledge to the business, with almost 15 years in the IT industry and 10 years specifically in Health IT. David works diligently to deliver the highest results and derives great satisfaction in working within the health sector.

“If I do what I do well by providing the best IT solution, then I’m helping assist in a noble cause; helping people be as healthy as they can be”, says David.

Director, David Martin

Martin Technology provides a 12-month warranty to all clients, ensuring peace-of-mind beyond completion of work on each project.

Healthcare industry knowledge & experience

Martin Technology has over 30 years of experience in providing Healthcare IT solutions for:

  • Surgeons’ rooms
  • Specialist practices
  • Pathology laboratories
  • Regional hospitals
  • Teaching hospitals

Innovation in Healthcare Information Technology

Eagerly working towards innovation in healthcare software, Martin Tech has proudly provided the Australian medical community with cutting-edge IT solutions and systems. Martin Tech has pioneered a number of progressive, forward-thinking projects, the first of their kind in Australia, such as:

  • Scope of Practice and Medical Credential Management for Metropolitan Health Service
  • Electronic Pathology Ordering
  • Patient flow and bed management software

Combining insight gained from clients with industry related experience, Martin Tech strives to advance and progress current technology to provide clients with industry leading products and services.

Personalising IT (Medical & Healthcare Software)

Martin Technology delivers highly personalised and specialised medical software choices that are tailored to suit the requirements of each individual healthcare provider.

Working with clients on-site allows Martin Tech an in-depth understanding of technology requirements, also providing an opportunity to demonstrate how to effectively and efficiently utilise healthcare software.

Quality Assurance

Martin Technology recognises the importance of reviewing products and services in person, to ensure clients are always best positioned for success.

Martin Technology guarantees that any product or service implemented will perform as agreed. If any problems or questions arise within 12 months of service, Martin Tech will address the issues FREE OF CHARGE.

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