Martin Tech can take the stress out of technology, offering the function of an IT department without the high overheads.

Our services include:

  • Online backup
  • Web, server & email hosting
  • Computer & server support
  • Electronic test result processing software
  • Hardware & software sales

Online backup

Martin Technology offers an online backup service that is purpose built for storage of confidential patient data.We ensure secure off-site backup of critical patient and practice information.

Backup systems can be set to:

  • Near real time back up (with max one hour data loss)
  • Backup scheduled as appropriate to individual practice needs (eg. daily/weekly/monthly)

Data is stored here in a secure location in Perth, Western Australia.

Data is stored in multiple geographically separate locations on our network and can be retrieved at your convenience.

Pricing available here

Web Presence

Web infrastructure, server & email hosting

The web is the most commonly used search tool for patients looking for a new practice.

Your web presence:

  • Promotes a professional image of your practice to both existing and potential patients
  • Educates and prepares patients and families for any future contact they have with you
  • Builds a relationship with patients before they call
  • Extends far beyond the appointment

Martin Tech cancost effectively set up email accounts using your practice name as the address, for example: or

Pricing available here

Contact Martin Technology to discuss a unique web presence that will be an asset to your practice.

Computer & server support

Computer and Server support is looking after all aspects of a medical practice network, computers, servers etc. It can be proactive or reactive.

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Electronic test result processing software

Traditionally, the only way to have test results available electronically in a practice is to purchase medical practice software that contained the feature. It was then almost always restrictive in the manner in which it presented results.

What if you could purchase a product that processed test results then made them available in any format you required?

Martin Technology has developed just such an innovative product suite to solve this problem.

‘Result Processor’ is a managed Microsoft Windows based application that processes test results in real time from any laboratory that uses the international HL7 standard format.

‘Result Processor’ features include:

  • Tested and proven functionality with the following Laboratories:
    • Clinipath
    • Health Scope
    • Oceanic Imaging
    • PathWest
    • Perth Laboratories
    • SKG
    • Saint John of God Pathology (SJOG)
    • Western Diagnostics Pathology
  • Designed to meet international test resulting standards (i.e. HL7)
  • Designed and built using Microsoft Best Practice
  • Can be used on both Windows Servers and Workstations
  • Currently being used by multiple medical practices
  • Real-time error detection and notification to our client operations team

‘Result Exporter’ is the optional companion to Result Processor. It as the name suggests formats results from the Result Processor database on a predefined schedule and delivers them based on the options selected.

The current feature set includes:

  • Export to PDF, CSV(Flat File), SQL Server, Access, Excel, Email
  • Real-time Error Detection and notification to our client operations team
  • Scheduling for any time frame required
  • Can publish files to Mac’s (Mac OS xxx and higher)

To build on the premise that you only have to purchase what you need if you have an 3rd party application that you use for results viewing and acknowledgement then you don’t need to purchase ‘Result Exporter’. If you need assistance and/or advice ‘pushing’ test result data to this system we are more than happy to assist.

Viewing and processing results in your office the way that you need is our goal.

Hardware & software sales

During your consultation with Martin Tech, we will gain an in-depth understanding of your individual IT requirements, Martin Tech can recommend and source the right hardware and software components for your practice.

Products include:

  • Medical Director Software
  • Genie Software
  • Med-Tech Software
  • zNed Software
  • Electronic Fax Software
  • Electronic Result Processing Software
  • Microsoft Office Software
  • Medicare Bulk Billing Software
  • Document Scanners
  • Printers
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Desktop Computers
  • Networking Equipment
  • ADSL Router
  • Network Switches
  • Rack Cabinets
  • UPS’s
  • Spare Parts (Hard Drives, CPU’s, RAM)

We’ll ensure the best solution for easy use and efficiency.